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Law Courts dealing with: High Court Islamabad, High Court Lahore, High Court Quetta, High Court Peshawar, High Court Sindh, District Court, Nab Court

With over a decade of extensive legal experience, which includes negotiating and litigating cases in courts up to the High Courts, providing in-depth legal assessments, and crafting essential legal instruments. One of my areas of specialisation lies in corporate regulatory and legal compliance.

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- As a founding partner of our esteemed law firm, I provide comprehensive legal advice and solutions to a diverse clientele, from individuals to multinational corporations; - We provide exceptional solutions for all aspects of our client’s business and personal affairs, offering flexible case-by-case or periodic retainer services; - My expertise extends to handling cases up to the High Courts, where I adeptly address legal complexities and advocate for clients during negotiations and court proceedings. Additionally, I specialise in drafting a variety of legal documents, including agreements, contracts, MoUs, policies, and other essential instruments; - In addition, our firm offers advisory services to aid our clients in navigating intricate legal matters, whether it's resolving disputes, facilitating business transactions, or safeguarding their interests. We aim to offer guidance and support to ensure that our clients receive valuable assistance.
- I assisted the Project Manager and team by effectively organising and executing various projects and events, both on Campus and off Campus, such as SU Angel, Open Days, and Heirloom Project; - I consistently maintained a high standard of service, in line with the aims and objectives of the Students Union. For instance, during SU Angel, I played a hands-on role by distributing hot beverages to students in study areas and taking the initiative to engage them in one-on-one conversations, offering them the support they needed.

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  • Alternate Dispute Resolution Studentt Experience Program Sep 30 2021
  • Specialised Course on Madrid System for International Registration of Marks Jun 30 2021
  • General Course on Intellectual Property Jun 30 2021


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  • Punjab Bar Council 12345

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